Student  Banking


Rewards Program Update

In Term 3, two new reward items from our Super Savers range become available to redeem:


Mighty Boom Handball

Heat Reactor Pencils




Term 2 Newsletter


School Banking 2018 is off to a super start

This year’s School Banking Super Savers adventure is well underway, giving children an engaging way to learn good saving habits that will last a lifetime. Check out the latest rewards below to encourage super saving behaviour from students in Term 2.

If you’d like to find out more about School Banking, or if you’d like to explore fun activity sheets for your child, visit


New Super Savers reward items

To encourage regular saving behaviour, children can redeem a reward after they’ve made 10 School Banking deposits. There are two new reward items available in Term 2 (while stocks last):

• Sparkle Glitter Pens

• Glow Light


Good saving habits support your school

Your school will receive $5 for every 10 School Banking deposits made per student.

This Regular Savers Contribution can be used for new school resources like learning materials, such as books and sports equipment, or other school fundraising needs.


Remember, with the CommBank Youth app, it’s easy for your child to monitor the Dollarmites tokens they earn when making School Banking deposits and track their savings.  Available to download from the App Store on any iOS9+ device.


To find out more about School Banking, or explore fun activity sheets for your child, visit




School banking is an important lesson in the development of young people. To extend this habit, children are given the opportunity to bank regularly through the school. 

School bank day is every Tuesday morning. 

Foundation students will receive a banking package in February explaining the process. 

If you wish your child to bank at school, the form sent home should be returned as soon as possible to the classroom teacher. 

Parent volunteers/office administration staff, complete the banking and return the child's book to their classroom. 

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