Werribee Primary School is a registered SunSmart school member committed to ensuring students and staff are protected from too much UV which can cause skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Our school uniform includes covering clothing and sun protective hats and we have shady spaces for students to access. But we need your help.

SunSmart recommends SPF30 or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen be applied to any skin not covered by clothing. Our school will be implementing strategies to help remind students to apply sunscreen before heading outdoors.

Please help support this initiative by:

- Supplying your child with SPF30 or higher, broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen for use during school hours.


Sunsmart Policy

We are SunSmart - a note for families


Other information can also be found on the Sunsmart Website 


Relevant Documents / Links

DET School Policy & Advisory Guide: Sun & UV protection

Building Quality Standards Handbook (BQSH): Section 7.5.5 Shade Areas

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 Sections 21 and 23: Main Duties of Employers Section 25: Duties of Employees > Laws and Regulations > Acts and Regulations

Safe Work Australia: Guidance Note for the Protection of Workers from the Ultraviolet Radiation in Sunlight


This policy encompasses all aspects of Werribee Primary School including Outside School Hours Care

This policy was approved at School Council Meeting on:  19 November 2013



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