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Parentingideas offer positive parenting tips on child development for raising children and teenagers to be happy and resilient and building strong families. This week's Insights article is: 

Wellbeing strategies for parents

10 confidence-building ideas - Here are 10 ways to build confidence in your kids so they can take their place in the world. 

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Parenting Anxious Kids - New Parenting Ideas online course for parents and teachers.  Don't let anxiety be the monster under the bed.

10 ways to get kids in a good mood - An underestimated feature of emotional intelligence is the ability to shift moods. An emotionally smart person consciously knows what to do to put him or herself in a better mood, or get themselves out of a frump. These are the types of empowering skills that we can teach kids. This poster features 10 healthy ways for kids (and adults) to put themselves into a better mood when the need arises.

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