Outside School Hours Care - Camp Australia
As 2020 approaches Camp Australia are collaborating with Werribee Primary School again to welcome new families. Starting school is a major milestone for families and this transition process can be both exciting and challenging for children.

To help families make this new experience as comfortable and positive for their children, we have developed a new leaflet that explains what OSHC is and how it can support these families in settling in.

Our new Parent Information Leaflet includes information about OSHC, tailored programming, and how to register.

Families can prepare for the new school year as OSHC bookings for 2020 are now open. Registration is free for families interested in attending our care. They simply have to log in and register through our Parent Portal and start booking.

As we operate a childcare service governed by the Education and Care National Law and Regulations, we can only operate our services within Educator to child ratios and licensed space. So, we recommend families to book in advance to secure their children’s spot. This also gives us time to staff and support our service to meet the needs of the children in our care.