2022 Planning and class formation

We are currently beginning the process of planning our class and staffing structure for 2022. 

One of the most time consuming and challenging tasks that we undertake is the formation of classes for the following school year. 

Decisions about the structure of the school are made based on the educational needs of students, enrolment numbers, the number of teaching spaces and human resources.


Teachers spend many hours considering student placement in classes for the following year that are  balanced with regard to academic capabilities, behavioural needs, social compatibility and gender. 


Our aim has always been to provide equal opportunity for all students in a dynamic learning environment. You would be aware that parents are offered the opportunity to contribute to this process should they have significant educational or other relevant considerations.  Please note that requests for specific teachers, or styles of teachers, or requests to be placed with a particular friend are not educational considerations.  Any requests remain valid for the following year only and not carried over.  Teachers use academic, behavioural and social competencies to assist them in the placement process.  If you have significant educational or other relevant considerations please put it in writing either via an email to werribee.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au and subject: Attention Principal or alternatively write a letter and send or drop it into the office.


While we understand that parents only want the best for their child and want school to be a rewarding and enriching experience, we also ask that you trust the school to fulfil our responsibilities in a professional and considerate manner and in the best interest of all students.  This is a time consuming and well thought-out process that is not taken lightly by any staff member.  Despite our concerns as adults, children are often much more resilient and responsive to change and new circumstances than we give them credit for.  It is quite natural that things are not always as we wish, however the way in which we respond to this is a model for our children.  Resilience is learnt at a young age through facing a minor challenge which can assist them to cope with more challenging situations as they grow older.


If you are planning on relocating at the end of this year and not returning to Werribee Primary School, could you please let the school know in writing as soon as possible.


If you know of any families who may be interested in enrolling their children at Werribee Primary School starting in the 2022 school year, please encourage them to contact the school.


Thank you