Exciting extension and enrichment program for Werribee Primary School high-ability students
This term we have had three students from our school participate in the Victoria High Ability Program (VHAP). This is a high quality intensive ten-week online course undertaken by selected students for challenge and extension in English and Mathematics.

This program is part of the Victorian Department of Education’s Student Excellence Program.

The three Year 5 students who participated this term were: Sophie (English), Luke (Mathematics) and Tunda (Mathematics). They have reflected on their involvement in the program over term four this year (see below).

In 2021, in Term 1, we are thrilled to have seven students in Year 5 and 6 participating in this online extension and enrichment program, in English and Mathematics.



I really enjoyed the Victoria High Ability Program (VHAP). It was good to interact with people at a similar level as me. Some things we discussed were the hero’s journey, stereotypical characters and how to write a proper dialogue. I would definitely recommend the VHAP writing course.



The Victoria High Ability Program (VHAP) was a great experience because of the challenging activities that I was faced with. The learning was difficult but the online participants worked together to get the hang of it and solve challenges like deciphering and decoding messages. The program was really fun and everyone else was fun and we got to see random things in the WebEx virtual classroom. I liked the teacher because he was enjoyable and he always made us think bigger about something.



The Victoria High Ability Program (VHAP) through Virtual School Victoria is a way for less challenged (academically) kids to learn harder things that they can’t normally learn. I had a great time with the VHAP program, and I learned things that weren’t necessarily related to the program, but were still fun. I do admit, the website is tricky to use and it takes you a while to get to know your peers, but I had a great time, and would recommend this entirely.