News from the Art Room
This semester students from Years 2, 3 and 5 have been having weekly Art specialist lessons.  It has been challenging going from room to room to do Art because of the building works but I am happy to say we are back in the Art Room.

It is great to get back into clay modelling and painting, things that were difficult to do in the Art Room.  Currently there are Year 2 works sitting in the kiln ready to fire but because the extractor fan is not working, this is on hold until the builder comes in to fix it.  We have our fingers crossed that the Mothers Day gifts will be ready in time.

I have been asked recently about the circular weaving that this years 3s and 4s did last year.  Now that we can use the Art Room, a group of students from those year levels can come to the Art Room Friday lunchtime to decorate the hoops and wheels for our yarn bombing display.  I am joining all the individual weavings from the 7 grades together and when it is finished it will be on the fence for all to see.  But it is a big project!

Helen Johnson

Art Teacher