Year 1 Scienceworks Excursion - Tuesday 10th August
In Term 3 students will be learning about physical science by exploring the different ways objects move depending on factors like size and shape.  

At the Scienceworks Museum students will be learning about how people use science in their everyday lives and participate in a Toys and Forces show.

Toys are used to develop imagination and physical skills as well as providing valuable insights into a wide range of science concepts.

Students will participate in a 30-minute science show that encourages children to investigate the actions of forces in the workings of different toys.

Please pay and approve via XUNO

Requirements:  Wearing school uniform, packed snack, lunch, drink bottle & hat

CSEF be used for this excursion if you have a current health care card. Applications can be made at the office until Friday 13th August.

If your child attended swimming, their $18.00 credit can be used for this event.

Some excursion venues are required to collect contact details and are responsible for managing record keeping for contact-tracing in line with current public health directives.

Most venues are required to use electronic record keeping that connects with an Application Programming Interface (API) linked provider or a digital system provided by Services Victoria.

The Department of Health has strongly recommended that a contact number for each individual student is provided. A school phone number alone is not considered sufficient. Providing contact details for individual students will expedite contact tracing so that individuals can be contacted by the Department of Health if required.

Parents/carers/guardians are advised that, when required, the school will be providing excursion venues with contact details for students. The phone number on school file for the student will be provided as the nominated contact number.

Venues will be collecting student names and contact phone numbers for a legitimate purpose and are subject to Victorian privacy laws so will handle the information securely and only retain it for the required 28-day period.

Please note: the school does not make a profit from this event, we only cover the costs incurred.