School Term Dates for 2026-2030

Dear Parents and Carers,  

The Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 require the Minister for Education to determine the days on which a government school is required to be open for attendance by students.  

The Minister for Education has set the term dates for 2026-2030.

Setting school dates well in advance assists with school planning and ensures the school community knows the days Victorian government schools are open for student instruction.


The 2026-2030 term dates are based on these criteria:

  • there are four school terms
  • the school year is 200 days
  • the Australia Day holiday occurs before students return to school
  • the first term vacation is to coincide with Easter
  • that, as far as possible, a consistent pattern be maintained from one five-year block to the next.

More information is on the Department’s website: School term dates and holidays in Victoria (

Kind regards,


David Quinn