Year 3 Camp Manyung Recreation Camp Deposit due Friday 9th June
The Year 3s have an opportunity to attend a three day, two night YMCA accredited camp at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza. This camp offers indoor cabin style accommodation. Each cabin has its own ensuite.  Deposit of $52 due by Friday 9th June.  Approval and payment can be made via XUNO.

School camps play a vital role in the education of your child and build upon the Health and Physical Education program in our school. They provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop personal attributes, such as self reliance, tolerance and cooperation. The Camp provides children with opportunities to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment and offers new, varied, challenging and practical experiences.

We are excited about attending this Camp as it will provide your child with opportunities to develop their personal and interpersonal skills while experiencing a range of activities. Fully qualified YMCA employees manage the camp and it is safely maintained and well equipped.

More detailed information can be found on the Camp Manyung website:

Total Cost of Camp $352.00

Deposit of $52.00 due by Friday 9th June

Instalments 1, 2 and Final Payment will be sent to parents after the 9th June.

CSEF can be used for this camp if you have a current health care card. Applications can be made at the office by 23rd June 2023

Students can wear casual dress for the three day camp.

A snack and lunch in a disposable bag are required for the first day.

A full list of bedding and toiletry items will be provided closer to the camp start date.

Students are required at school on Wednesday 30th August at 8:30am for departure at 9:00am. Students will return from camp on Friday 1st September at approximately 3:00pm.

Additional Notes to Parents
Student Behaviour
I understand that in the event of my child's misbehaviour or behaviour that poses a danger to himself/herself or others during the camp, he/she may be sent home. I further understand that in such circumstances I will be informed and that any costs associated with his/her return will be my responsibility.

Student illness
I understand that in the event staff will determine if it is necessary for my child to be sent home early due to illness, any cost associated with his/her return will be my responsibility.

Cancellations or Alterations
I understand that the Principal may need to cancel or alter camp arrangements at short notice, for safety reasons or due to circumstances beyond the control of the school, and while the Principal will try to minimise inconvenience or financial losses to parents, these may be unavoidable.

Student accident insurance and ambulance cover
The Department of Education does not provide student accident insurance or ambulance cover. Parents may wish to obtain student accident insurance from a commercial insurer and/or ambulance cover, depending on their health insurance arrangements and any other personal considerations.

If a camp or excursion is cancelled or altered by the school, or a student is no longer able to attend part or all of the camp or excursion, our school will consider requests for partial or full refunds of payments made by parents/carers on a case-by-case basis taking into account the individual circumstances. Generally we will not be able to refund payments made for costs that have already been paid where those funds have already been transferred or committed to a third party and no refund is available to the school. Where possible, we will provide information about refunds to parents/carers at the time of payment.