Free webinar - Breaking Point - Tuesday 27th February at 8.00pm

Our children are not ok.   

Latest national statistics indicate that mental health challenges are at an all-time high in Australian children and youth.

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders are wreaking havoc in our schools and families (not to mention the amplification of these challenges if your child is neuro-diverse). Suicide and self-harm are rising. And finding the right support and good help is increasingly challenging.

Our kids and our families are at breaking point.

How do we know if our kids will be ok? What can we do to support their mental health and resilience? What’s going wrong, and how do we fix it?

Join Dr Justin Coulson, Australia’s leading parenting expert, as he unpacks the mental health crisis enveloping our kids. He’ll cover:

  • The root causes behind the deteriorating state of mental health, and who (or what) is responsible
  • The tools you need to reverse this trend for your children
  • Science-backed, relationship-focused strategies to remedy school refusal.
  • Realistic approaches for managing screen time in a way that protects your child’s wellbeing without completely alienating them from their peers
  • Creating margin in your home and family life to protect and promote mental wellness

Tuesday 27 February

8pm AEDT | check my time zone

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