Extension and Enrichment Program for Werribee Primary School
In 2023, we are thrilled to have 31 students in Years 5 & 6 participate in the English and Mathematics Victorian High Ability Programs.


The Victorian High-Ability Program (VHAP) promotes development of key skills such as teamwork, collaboration and resilience. The program is a safe space for high-ability students to stretch their wings, encounter change and challenge, and confront fears around making “mistakes.”


The program is a high quality intensive ten week online course run by teachers at Virtual Schools Victoria. VHAP enables high-ability students in Years 5-8 , at all Victorian State Schools, to be challenged and extended in a supportive environment.


Here is insight from our students who have completed VHAP;


Paul - I would recommend it to students who want to expand their knowledge on things they wouldn’t normally learn in class. It requires to think outside the box and think differently and it covers a wide variety of topics that require full focus. At first it is hard but as you go on you will click with the rhythm and VHAP will be very fun. 5/5 would definitely recommend it to others.


Anishka - I would recommend VHAP to everyone because it challenges your thinking and improves your skills.


Amirah - I learned to improve my teamwork skills and how to think outside the box. I would recommend VHAP English to other students because it could help them like it helped me. My teachers noticed how my vocabulary and storytelling skills expanded and how my stories are more interesting and in depth.


Anika - I would recommend this course to people with the capability, it is a hard course and not everyone might be able to do it, or have the time to complete homework, but if you are capable, I would recommend it to you because it really takes your learning further. It teaches you things you wouldn't learn in the classroom, and you can also learn with other people and see everyone's perspective and ideas.


Jack - Every week there is a new type of maths subject and it’s not the same as the last week and that makes it more interesting every week and I was always excited to come and do the online lesson.


Lily - I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to expand their learning. I liked being able to work with new people I wouldn’t have been able to work with outside of VHAP. The course covers many different topics and is a fun way to learn a new strategy or skill. In VHAP you get to share your ideas and you have help from your peers and your VHAP teacher. I loved this course and would definitely recommend it to other people.


Muhammad - I like about how enthusiastic the teachers were, the students were really nice, they listened, and they were really supportive. I would definitely recommend this course to students that are wanting to learn and expand their knowledge, it's a really cool experience and you are always being supported by a student! It challenges your thinking and overall, I don't know why you wouldn't be in a VHAP class. My answer would be a definite yes, the teachers are really fun and nice!

For more information about the program you can visit the VHAP website here: