Welcoming students and families to the new school year

Transition tips.  For advice in multiple languages on how parents and carers can support students to have a positive start to school, for starting Prep, moving to secondary school and final years of secondary school, refer to Tips for starting school.

Help with school costs

Familes are encouraged to contact us if you are having difficulty with school costs. The following programs can help with the cost of school items:

For more information for parents and carers, refer to Help with school costs and fees.

Health and wellbeing

Information about health and wellbeing staff and programs at our school, and how students and families can access them.

Parents and carers are encouraged to view the department’s mental health and wellbeing toolkit, which offers guidance to help you support your child’s mental health and wellbeing at home, and advice on working with our school and seeking help if you have concerns.

Healthy lunch ideas from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

What to expect at school

There is a range of information for parents and carers on the department’s website to explain school policies, requirements and expectations, as well as support services available. For a list of topics, refer to Attending school and Building a positive relationship with your child's school.

Parents and carers and students are reminded of the school’s attendance expectations, that going to school every day is important for student learning, wellbeing and relationships, and we are looking forward to seeing them.

A reminder that mobile phones brought to school must be switched off and stored securely during the school day. For more information on this, refer to the Mobile Phones – Student Use policy.

Other resources:

  • the Diverse Learners Hub, which includes information, tools and guidance to support students with diverse learning needs

Policy, guidance and resources

Our Policy and Advisory Library includes all related policy information, guidance and resources under the relevant menu tabs: