Key Dates & Times


First Day of School

Monday 30th January 2023 - Year 0-6 students return to school 8.50am - 3.10pm


Early Dismissal Days

  • Last day of Term 1 - Thursday 6th April - 2.10pm
  • Last day of Term 2 - Friday 23rd June - 2.10pm
  • Last day of Term 3 - Friday 15th September - 2.10pm
  • Last day of Term 4 - Wednesday 20th December - 1.10pm

Pupil Free Days

The Department of Education and Training (DET) allows all government schools to hold four curriculum days per year. Curriculum days are pupil free days which allow the staff to work together on planning and professional development activities.  The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students. School Council has approved the following dates for 2022 as curriculum days:


Friday 27th January – first day of Term 1

Teachers back for 2023 start up program and Classroom set up

Friday 10th March - Term 1

Disability and Inclusion

Monday 10th July - first day of Term 3



Friday 17th November - Term 4

Report Writing


2023 Staff Professional Practice Day

The Department of Education and Training (DET) allows all government schools to hold a common professional practice day on the same day for all staff.  This is to enable the most effective and efficient use of this day.  We have scheduled our professional practice day on the following day.  Students will not be required to attend school on this day:


Monday 24th April 2023 - first day of Term 2 




Key Dates for Foundation 2023

First day of school for Foundation students

Monday 30th January 2023 8.50am - 3.10pm

Foundation Interview Assessments

No school on these days.

Half hour interview time slots will be available to book in on XUNO from Monday 30th January at 3.30pm.

English Online Assessments

Wednesday 1st February

Wednesday 8th February

Maths Online Assessments

Wednesday 15th February

Wednesday 22nd February

Wednesday 1st March

First Full Week for Foundation students

Week starting  Monday 6th March

Meet the teacher interviews

10 minute interviews

Monday 6th March

Tuesday 7th March

Wednesday 8th March

End of Term 1

Thursday 6th April: Early dismissal at 2.10pm


School Hours


Morning bell


Session 1


Session 2




Session 3


Session 4


Lunch Break


10 minute eating time


Session 5


Session 6


End of day


Office Hours

The school office is open between the hours of 8.30am - 3.30pm

School Arrival and Departure Times

Please ensure your child arrives at school after 8.30am and before 8.50am each day when the yard is supervised by our staff.  Please note that students are not to arrive at school prior to 8.30am. For the safety of all children the only gate open in the morning will be the front gate prior to 8.30am.  If your child arrives early they must report to the office.

The yard is also supervised after school until 3.20pm so please ensure your child is collected or alternative arrangements for their supervision made after this time.  The safety of your child is our concern.  At the end of the day we encourage all students to exit the school promptly as the supervising staff need to lock gates and account for any students who have not been collected.  Any student still remaining in the school at 3.20pm will be taken to the office by the supervising staff member.  After school is not a time for students to play and we ask that they vacate the yard promptly after the 3.10pm bell.  The play equipment is not available to students after school.

We thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of your children.

Camp Australia runs a before and after school care facility at our school which you are able to take advantage of for the supervision of your child prior to 8.30am and after 3.10pm. Camp Australia operates from the Learning Gallery. More information about the Camp Australia Before and After School Care facility can be found here.

Term Dates


Term 1: 27 January – 6 April

Term 2: 24 April – 23 June

Term 3: 10 July – 15 September

Term 4: 2 October – 20 December



Term 1: 29 January – 28 March

Term 2: 15 April – 28 June

Term 3: 15 July – 20 September

Term 4: 7 October – 20 December



Term 1: 28 January – 4 April

Term 2: 22 April – 4 July

Term 3: 21 July – 19 September

Term 4: 6 October – 19 December


The Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 require the Minister for Education to determine the days on which a government school is required to be open for attendance by students.  

The Minister for Education has set the term dates for 2026-2030.

Setting school dates well in advance assists with school planning and ensures the school community knows the days Victorian government schools are open for student instruction.


The 2026-2030 term dates are based on these criteria:

  • there are four school terms
  • the school year is 200 days
  • the Australia Day holiday occurs before students return to school
  • the first term vacation is to coincide with Easter
  • that, as far as possible, a consistent pattern be maintained from one five-year block to the next.



There have been changes to Victorian school term dates for 2026. This will provide an opportunity for Victorian communities to participate more broadly in the 2026 Commonwealth Games.



The 2026 Commonwealth Games will take place across regional Victoria from Tuesday 17 March to Sunday 29 March 2026, with Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Gippsland and Shepparton hosting a range of activities and events for 20 different sports and 9 para-sports.


The 2026 Victorian school term dates are:

  • Term 1: Tuesday 27 January to Friday 13 March 2026
  • Term 2: Monday 30 March to Friday 19 June 2026
  • Term 3: Monday 6 July to Friday 18 September 2026
  • Term 4: Monday 5 October to Friday 18 December 2026.

For the list of school term dates until the end of 2030, refer to School term dates and holidays in Victoria.