Parent Payments

2021 Parent Payment Arrangements

Parent Payment Policy

Parent Payments and Voluntary Financial Contributions

Parent Payments are used to supplement the Government grants to provide equipment and materials in all curriculum areas, such as:
-  Annual subscriptions to online resources and programs eg Sunshine online.
-  Classroom consumables, assessment materials, art supplies, cooking etc to support instruction.
-  STEAM and Maths consumables
-  Laptop, robots, coding devices, to support instruction to the standard curriculum.

Voluntary financial contributions go towards enhancing our ICT program, improving our buildings and  grounds, library books and resources and curriculum resources.


Essential student learning items

Children’s classroom supplies are purchased as individual book packs. The students in the following year levels Foundation, One and Two have their supplies collected by teachers and have them distributed to them throughout the year. Supplies in these year levels are shared, as it is very difficult for young children to identify their individual resources eg. who owns the blue pencil on the floor.


Where does your voluntary contribution go?

Werribee Primary School would like to thank the community for making their voluntary contributions which has allowed us to purchase addition resources for the benefit of our students.  Below are some examples of how the money has been spent in 2019:

Robotics Class Sets
New Turf
Read Write Inc Books