Parent Payments

Parent Payments and Voluntary  Financial Contributions

Parent Payments are used to supplement the Government grants to provide equipment and materials in all curriculum areas, such as computers, sports equipment, maths equipment, books, library resources and art resources.

Voluntary financial contributions go towards enhancing out ICT program, improving our buildings and  grounds, library books and resources and curriculum resources.


Essential student learning items

Children’s classroom supplies are purchased through the school as individual book packs. The students in the following year levels Foundation, One and Two have their supplies collected by teachers and have them distributed to them throughout the year. Supplies in these year levels are shared, as it is very difficult for young children to identify their individual resources eg. who owns the blue pencil on the floor.


Where does your voluntary contribution go?

Werribee Primary School would like to thank the community for making their voluntary contributions which has allowed us to purchase addition resources for the benefit of our students.  Below are some examples of how the money has been spent and messages from some of the groups that it helped


Junior School Council (JSC) Report - June, 2016

Recently, all classes had class meetings and the Junior School Council representatives wrote down all the great ideas for making Werribee Primary School a better place for students.

JSC purchased 21 Board Games. We are buying a board game for every class, chosen by the class representatives.

The JSC hope everyone enjoys the positive changes we have made for you as students at Werribee Primary School.


Lunchtime Activities

The Student Welfare Team has purchased ten Chess sets and other games for lunchtime games sessions



Library Books

The Library has spent $1200 on new books for our students to read. They are a mixture of picture story books and fiction books. There is an area in the library where some of the books will be on display for students to see. The books are suitable for all ages across the school.


Information Communication Technology

The ICT eSmart Team are extremely grateful for those parents who made a voluntary contribution towards ICT at Werribee Primary School. With these contributions we were able to purchase a set of Spheros – app controlled robotic balls.

Spheros allow students to play, learn and explore the amazing world of robotics, while developing increasingly important coding and STEM principles.

Thanks to your help we now have more resources to build these skills that will be vital to our future, in an ever evolving digital world.

To see student testimonials and how our students have begun to use Spheros please visit our school blog at

If you are curious or you would like more information about Spheros please visit

Spheros are a great way to learn how to write computer code. You don’t need to know much about coding but a little bit of knowledge can help. Good places to learn are websites that teach you how, like, Scratch and Tynker.

Sphero’s are great for learning loads of different skills such as using trial and error, angles, understanding time, speed and distance. It is a fantastic tool for building team work and problem solving skills. Our students quickly learn instruction and coding vocabulary to make the Sphero move how you want it to. We think that using Sphero’s is really fun and they are awesome to play with, learning is just a bonus!


Curriculum - Mathematics

Thank you parents on behalf of the Maths Key Improvement Team (KIT) and other classroom teachers for the purchase of 14 sets of linking cubes.  These cubes will be put into classroom Maths Resource Stations for student use.  These blocks help in many areas of the maths curriculum from one to one correspondence, shape, area, volume and capacity, measurement and even data and statistics. 

The Maths KIT is really excited about reinvigorating the Classroom Maths Resource Stations.  The parent contribution to the new equipment we have purchased will assisting us to provide a greater variety of hands on materials for our students, across the whole school.