Electronic and Digital Devices

Werribee Primary School recognises that mobile and electronic devices are an accepted and invaluable part of our modern lifestyle. We have in place, a policy that reflects the changing views and realities around the use of electronic and mobile devices. The increased ownership of devices such as mobile phones, ipads and hand-held electronic games requires that school administrators, teachers, students and parents take steps to ensure that these devices are used responsibly.

Werribee Primary School acknowledges that some students may need to be in possession of a mobile phone at school for reasons relating to their safety travelling to and from school.

The school recognises that, when used responsibly, mobile and electronic devices can be useful tools to assist with communications and safety, as well as the development of academic and social skills. However, when these devices are misused by students, they can be very disruptive to teaching and learning and in some cases cause harm.

Our policy aims to:

  • To ensure the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices does not interfere with the effective conduct of the school and classroom activities.
  • To protect the privacy of individuals and minimise opportunities for harassment.
  • To prevent access by students to inappropriate information and images.
  • To ensure that procedures are in place to minimise theft and damage of mobile phones and other electronic devices.


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