Student Awards

Werribee Kids Awards

Each week staff select two students to receive a Werribee Kids Award.  The Award is a certificate that is given to students at our school assembly.


Teachers may give awards for the following examples:

  • Displaying behaviours in line with our school values
  • Academic achievement
  • Sporting achievement
  • Outstanding performance.

and many more reasons


Principal's Awards

Staff are asked to nominate any student who has gone above and beyond expected achievement, performance or excellence to receive a Principal's Award.  These are presented to the nominated students at our school assembly


Reward Systems

Teachers reward and recognise students who display our school values in a variety of ways. Each teacher designs and implements a positive reward system in their classroom, which is appropriate for the context of the class they teach. Rewards may include:

  • Verbal praise
  • Stickers/stamps
  • Spot awards
  • Raffle tickets
  • Whole Class Reward system.

Teachers may also use other strategies such as writing a special letter or making a special phone call to parents/carers.


Purple Tokens

What are they?

The purple tokens are a vital aspect of our whole school Positive Behavior Support.


How does a student receive a purple token?

Teachers and staff hand out purple tokens in the school yard when students have displayed our school values. We like to call it “catching them out”. This could be as simple as using their manners to helping another student when in distress.


The purple tokens are a form of acknowledgement, a simple and instant way to acknowledge the positive behavior displayed by a student. Students who receive purple tokens go into a raffle each week to win a prize at Assembly.