Take 2 Pledge 

Werribee Primary School is making a TAKE2 pledge, which is a promise to take action on climate change.

There are a lot of single-use plastic products many of us use without thinking.

You can choose to refuse plastic by selecting one of these actions:

1. Take a reusable cup for a takeaway coffee

2. Say ‘no thanks’ to plastic straws

3. Fill your own reusable bottle with water and take it with you.

4. Take a reusable container to get your takeaway.

5. Use reusable bags when grocery shopping!

Our Profile page is: https://www.take2.vic.gov.au/pledges/?profileid=612c20a2-ec6c-e711-8108-1458d05a586c



ReUse Cup


Why not encourage your local café to reduce or eliminate disposable coffee cups by offering a discount to customers with reusable takeaway cups. 

Chatterbox and Jaffa Espresso, Watton St already offer up to 30c off if you bring your own reusable takeaway cup. 


http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/war-on-waste/ Series 1, Episode 3.


At Werribee Primary School, we are a Sustainable School. We endeavour to minimise waste produced by the school and increase the percentage of material that is reused, recycled and composted by: 

  • minimising waste by using systems, such as recycling and composting (e.g. rubbish free lunches, recycling bins, compost buckets, Clean Up Australia)
  • striving for and maintaining litter-free school grounds.
  • having in-house recycling programs such as paper/cardboard, flexible plastic and compost.
  • recycling mobile phones and household items (eg. shoes, clothing)

Werribee Primary School initiated a recycling system to reduce the amount of waste that is going to landfill. The ‘Three Bin’ system is used in each learning space. Each bin is a different colour, for example; Red for Flexible Plastic, Green for Compost and Blue for Paper/Cardboard. Students are involved in collecting and encouraging recycling habits.

Students used the newsletters and assembly announcements, classroom discussions, signs on the bins to let their fellow students and their parents know about the schools’ recycling initiative.

On 6 June 2013: Giaan Rooney (Ch 7 reporter) heard about the fantastic work Werribee Primary School was doing in regards to sustainability and came for a visit to use our school for her TV segment.

Students in our school are vigorously involved in environmental actions to improve waste practices and changes in our school and local community. Nude Food, recycling and composting, for example, has greatly contributed to changes to waste in our school. We are all very proud of how active and aware our students are about doing the right thing about reducing waste and caring for our natural environment. (Rosemary - Assistant Principal)

In 2012, Nude Food Certificate was introduced to acknowledge the winners from each year level with the most students who had nude food. The winning classes are presented with a certificate at assembly every Monday, and a trophy (made by students out of recycled materials) is presented to the class that has the most nude food across the whole school.


In 2013 we introduced a Zero Waste policy. It is important to model, teach, reinforce

This is the message for all - parents, staff and students:

1. Nude food is best (then there is no rubbish)

2. If you decide to bring food in packaging then the landfill rubbish belongs to you and needs to be taken home.


In conjunction to zero waste we are establishing two snack shack areas where students can eat their food if they have not finished eating during the allocated time in class. This is the only place where students are allowed to eat outside. Bins are only placed in these two areas.


As a sustainability initiative, the OWL newsletter is distributed electronically. Parents are asked to provide their preferred email address if they want an email to access the school's newsletter. Newsletters are also available on the Werribee PS website.

Text messages have been introduced as a form of communication. Examples of text messags are, cancellation of sports events or parent teacher interview reminders.


Werribee Primary School Blog was created in November 2013 http://werribeeps.global2.vic.edu.au shares many of our sustainability stories.

It’s a No Brainer to Bring a Container

It’s important to bring Nude Food

The message is, don’t be lazy dude                        

Tell your friends, your Mum and Dad

Polluting the world makes us sad                           

Think about the things you buy

We don’t want the animals to die                   

The Pacific Patch is full of trash

The marine population is about to crash               

Food scraps should not go to waste

Don’t throw them out in your haste                       

The Eastern Barred Bandicoot is nearly extinct

We reckon it’s about time we had a good think   

Bring nude food to cut the wrap

You gotta do it, just like SNAP                          

                                  Written by the Student Environment Team, 2015


‘The Twelve Tips for Sustainability’

On the twelfth day of helping, the earth needs us to,
Rethink what we buy,

Reduce, reuse, recycle,

Use water tanks,
Have short showers,

Grow more plants,

Turn off the taps,
Put fruit in the compost,
Walk to school.
Turn off the lights,

Put rubbish in the bin,

Have nude food,
And use both sides of the paper.

                                                   Written by Year 1/2s, 2013