Australia is one of the driest continents in the world, with Wyndham City located in one of the lowest rainfall areas across the Greater Melbourne region. Some of the initiatives we implement to decrease the amount of water being used at Werribee Primary School are:

  • allowing students to have non-spill water bottles on their tables to be utilized throughout the day.
  • having ‘Water lizards’ monitors who regularly check buckets placed under the drink taps to capture the spilled water and then feed this to our ‘thirsty’ plants nearby.
  • using effective means of conserving water, such as, using water tanks for flushing toilets.
  • being a Silver accredited “Water – Learn It, Live It” school in partnership with City West Water
  • choosing the most appropriate water saving methods such as water tanks, water friendly gardens and having appliances that are 3 star plus.
  • regularly maintaining facilities, such as leaking taps, toilets etc.


Every year we have participated in the LitterWatch program. LitterWatch is an initiative of Wyndham environmental groups, Crossroads Uniting Church, and supported by Melbourne Water and City of Wyndham.

In 2013, Tim Silverwood visited our school. Tim is internationally recognised on the matter of the impact of litter on our oceans and was involved in the discovery of the “Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.”

Information on Tim’s “Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative’, is at: http://take3.org.au/

In 2014, Heidi Taylor, director and founder of Tangaroa Blue Foundation, spoke to 400 students from Yr 1- 6 about marine litter. There is an estimated 18,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square kilometre of ocean which impacts on marine life and seabirds. http://www.tangaroablue.org/  

Every year, our students enter the City West Water - National Water Week Poster competition. In 2011, we had three winning entries: Madeline Brennan-Geoghegan (1/2) third prize, Kajal Chand (5/6) second prize and Mohammad Saleh Naghdi (5/6) third prize.

In 2014, we had two winning entries: Marry (3/4T) - 2nd Place and Ana (1/2M) - 3rd place.


Homes are the biggest user of Melbourne’s water, with 60% of the water supply being used by households.

Reduce Your Water Use At HOME

1. Install a water efficient showerhead

2. Wash with a full load

3. Take a short shower

4. Don't leave the tap running

5. Fix leaking taps

6. Buy water efficient appliances


We use SWEP to monitor our water usage and find leaks https://www.myswep.com.au/ 

Water IdolWater Idol 2011