Effort Meter

Reinforcing Effort at Werribee Primary School

This is our school’s Effort Meter.

At Werribee Primary, we have a consistent approach to discussing and reinforcing effort in every classroom across our school. We use the Effort Meter as a tool to motivate students to put their personal best effort into their learning.

You too can use this tool at home.

Look out for your child’s Effort Meter and helpful tips on its way home to you!



TIPS for using Effort Meter at home.


  • Place in a visible location where you can refer to it quickly and often, like the fridge

  • Recognise the effort your child puts into things, not just success

  • Give praise for the behaviour or the actions that you want repeated

  • Relate to effort level when you see these behaviours or actions

    “You are showing 4 star effort because you are …….. (name what they are doing successfully) OR “You are showing 2 star effort at the moment, what do you think you need to do to work towards 4 star? (support your child to set some goals and personal expectations.

  • Explain what your child is doing well, so they can continue

  • Explain why effort is important

  • Relate effort to achievement

  • Be consistent

  • Model effort to your child


    Support with further resources


    You can find out more information about effort and motivation at the following website:


     LINK: Reinforcing effort-a parents perspective