Additional Support

Werribee Primary School has a Wellbeing Team who offer support to students who may be disengaged or at risk. This includes students who may experience social/emotional difficulties or have a disability.

The Wellbeing Team consists of:

-Two Wellbeing Coordinators

-Speech Pathologist (by teacher/Wellbeing Coordinator referral)

The Wellbeing Team work together to provide students with opportunities to develop their values to show Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.


Programs may include the following when available:


Social Skills Groups

Social Skills groups are run to support students who may require additional social skills development. Teachers are able to refer students to a small group setting for a 50 minute small group lesson. This is to develop positive social skills and behaviours, communication and language skills for those who may need it.


Students participate in a combination of activities, exercise and discussions which focus on building friendships, developing confidence in social interactions and which provide awareness of self and others.


Passive Play Space - a quiet area for students who wish to do passive activities at recess or lunch time. Students are supervised by Education Support Staff and can complete activities such as drawing, colouring, reading or writing.


Structured Play - a space for students supervised by Wellbeing Teachers to build up students social skills at lunch time through game play and role play including board games, make believe games, lego and blocks. Teachers can refer students to these groups for additional support.  


Lunch Time Activities - activities are provided to students led by teaching staff members out in the yard and may include a variety of different options such as: Origami, football, knitting, chess, skipping, down ball, science/maths experiments.


Speech and Language Intervention and assessments - 1:1 or small group sessions provided to students via referral only


Check in systems - Wellbeing staff can provide a check in system with students who may be experiencing difficulties at school or at home.  


In addition...

Some students may qualify for addtional support in the classroom through the Program for Students with Disabilities if they have an Intellectual Disablity, Severe Behaviour Disorder, a Physical Disability or ASD with severe language disorder. These students may receive support from an Education Support Staff at various times throughout the week.