Learning at Home

What learning will look like at the start of Term 2 if students are still at home and schools are closed.

At this stage, our plan for ‘Learning at Home’ from the start of Term 2 will look like this:

  1. On Tuesday April 14th we will make available, via the school’s website, learning activities across the curriculum for all year levels. This school work will be for the first three days of the first week of school.
  2. On Friday April 17th we will then make available, via the school’s website, learning activities for the second week of school.

School work for the first two weeks will be structured in a way to support parents and families to establish routines and expectations about student learning at home.

We have also included information below to support parents/guardians to set up a learning environment in the home.

  1. Begin with a conversation with your child about how they feel about learning from home and about setting up a space at home for their learning to take place.
  2. Find a place that is comfortable for them, a space that allows them to complete their work as best they can and where you can also support and supervise them.
  3. Discuss what needs to be in place for learning to happen at home, this may include:
  • what materials are needed and are at hand for the student to use 
  • a visible timetable with allocated blocks of time where school work is completed and times for breaks
  • incentives and rewards for effort and the completion of expected work.
  1. Set up your space for learning and have everything ready and prepared (as discussed in Item 3).
  2. Develop a routine for the day. This could look like:
  • Wake up and make your bed
  • Get dressed, have breakfast and brush your teeth
  • Set up your work/study space for the day (including water bottle and snacks)
  • Sit down ready to learn
  • Refer to your daily timetable and allocated blocks of work time and breaks