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Before Your Child Comes to School


Starting school is a big change for your child.  Anything that you can help them to learn to do before they come to school will make school a happier place to be. 

Help your child learn how to:

  • Write their name
  • Take off and put on appropriate clothing e.g. jumper, hat
  • Put on shoes and tie up shoe laces or use Velcro tabs
  • Open and close their lunch box and drink bottle - eat and drink without help (eg. opening packets, peeling fruit or removing glad wrap)
  • Use a handkerchief or tissue
  • Put things away in their bag and zip it up
  • Use scissors correctly and safely
  • Go to the toilet on their own – pulling up clothing, flushing the toilet, washing hands.  Please ensure boys are familiar with urinals.

You can use the following checklist to help identify skills your child might practise prior to beginning school. 


Beginning School


Your child will need to bring the following to school:

  • Recess Snack (packed separately)
  • Brain food (fruit or vegetable snack, e.g. celery, carrot sticks) in a small container or packed separately
  • Lunch (lunch box needs to have child’s name on base and lid)
  • Plastic drink container (named) filled with water only
  • School Bag (named and with a distinctive tag to help your child identify their bag)
  • Art Smock
  • SunSmart school hat


 It would be appreciated if parents could also bring the following items to school in the first few days:

  • A large box of tissues for classroom use
  • A small container of play-dough (Play-Doh brand) that can be purchased from a supermarket or department store
  • Coles – Antibacterial Hand Wash – Lime Fresh (due to OH & S Chemical Register requirements)


Students are expected to attend school in the Werribee Primary School uniform. For information and pricing, please click here.


Settling In - The First Few Weeks


During the first week you are welcome to stay for a short period of time to ensure your child feels secure, but once they have settled in, a quick, reassuring goodbye encourages independence.

  • Put sunscreen on your child in the morning before school if it is needed and ensure they wear their SunSmart hat.
  • Take your child to their designated classroom. 
  • Find your child’s name tag to put on (these are worn during the first week or two to help teachers and children identify one another)
  • Look for your child's name and support your child to put their belongings into the designated area.
  • Encourage your child to find an activity that interests them.
  • Say a quick ‘good-bye’ and inform your child that you will be going and will be back to pick them up later in the day. 


Recess and Lunch Breaks


At the end of recess and lunchtime breaks, music, followed by a bell, indicates the end of playtime. All students are expected to stop their activities and make their way to line up outside their classroom. They have the opportunity while the music is playing to go to the toilet and get a drink. A final bell will then ring and students are expected to be lined up at their classroom. During Term 1, the Foundation students are not permitted onto the oval. While the students are settling in and getting used to the rules and surroundings we prefer them to play in the Foundation playground area.

If it is too hot for students to play outside during recess and lunch breaks, an announcement will be made and students will be supervised in the classrooms.


End of Day Dismissal


Students need to be collected from their classrooms at dismissal time. Please ensure that your child’s teacher knows who will be collecting your child. It is very important that children are picked up on time, so they do not become upset.

To minimise congestion in the Foundation Year rooms and in order to assist the children to settle into routines in a calm and happy manner, we ask that parents remain outside the classroom when collecting their child. The teacher will send your child out to you when they see you.

If for any reason you are going to be late please ring the office so they can notify your child’s teacher. Any child not picked up by 3:30pm is taken to the office and parents are contacted.


After Hours School Care


We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our outside school hours care program.
To find out more about the program at our school, including hours of operation, fees and how to register please Click Here


Student Safety


It is essential that we know where every child is during the school day.

  • Once they are dropped off and enter the school gates they are to remain at school.
  • If your child arrives late or is to be picked up prior to dismissal time, then they will need to be signed in or out using the XUNO kiosk located in the foyer of the school.  You will be issued with a slip which needs to be handed to the teacher.
  • Please contact the school immediately if your child arrives home during school hours.
  • Children are required to move around the school with a partner if going to the office, toilet or another classroom.
  • Students are not to arrive at school prior to 8.30am as teachers are not on duty for yard supervision until 8.30am before school.  The yard will be supervised after school until 3.30pm and during recess and lunchtime. Please talk to your child about looking for one of the teachers wearing a fluoro vest as this is the person to speak to if they need assistance in the yard.
  •  Any adult coming to the school during the day needs to enter via the office and sign in using the XUNO Kiosk.  A lanyard is to be worn displaying your sign in slip and working with Children Check (if applicable).
  •  For the safety of all children and in the event of an emergency we need to know who is in the school and for what purpose.


Medical Information


In dealing with emergencies or sickness it is vital that we have on record the most accurate information concerning any medical problems your child may have. On enrolling, you were asked questions about your child’s medical condition, however should your child develop any allergies or drug sensitivities or any medical problem please advise us as soon as possible.

  • If your child needs to take medication at school, parents need to fill out a Medication Authority Form which can be obtained from the office.
  • Medication needs to be handed in at the office as it is not permitted in classrooms.
  • If your child sustains a head injury you will be contacted.
  • Regular attendance at school is most important as it maintains continuity of their learning and aids social adjustment. If your child is ill the best place for them to be is at home.  
  • If your child has an Anaphylaxis or Asthma plan the school requires a current copy to be given to the office along with any required medication.


Emergency Contact Details


If a serious illness or accident occurs every effort will be made to contact you or your emergency contacts.  Please nominate someone who is generally available, reliable, has access to a car and is willing to collect and care for your child should we be unable to reach you.  Parents are expected to keep the school informed of all contact numbers and all other pertinent medical information.




The school communicates with parents in a variety of ways which include;


Contact Us


If you have a concern regarding your child, please contact your child's teacher and arrange an appointment: 

  • Phone the school on 9742 6659 (if teacher is not available you will be put through to their voicemail.
  • Email the school:

Please be aware that talking to your child's teacher in the morning may not be the best time to discuss your concerns.


Student Reports


Based on Victorian Department of Education and training (DET) guidelines, Werribee Primary School currently communicates student learning and growth to parents over the course of the year, using the following strategies:

  • Term 2 and 4 written reports available on the Xuno Parent Portal

Term 1 meet the teacher interview - this is an opportunity for parents to meet the classroom teacher and for both parties to share valuable information regarding the child’s development.

Term 2 Parent/Student/Teacher Conversations to discuss academic progress.


Excursions and School Events


Payments for excursions/school activities should be returned by the due date in a sealed clearly marked envelope (child's name, class, event and amount) together with the signed permission note.  

A receipt will be issued for any payments to the school (other than Werribee Friends fundraising and special lunch days) and will be sent home with your child.

Excursions can also be approved electronically on Xuno (if approved electronically a paper copy is not required.)

Payments can also be made by Xuno, B Pay, Electronic Funds Transfer or Credit Card payment over the phone - 9742 6659.



No child will be taken on an excursion without your approved permission, therefore you must return, within the set timeframe, the consent form/or electronic approval, which you will find in Events on Xuno.  An exception would be a local walking excursion which is covered by your signed Multiple Permission Form on enrolment.


Lost Property 


Please label everything with your child's name.  If something goes missing, you and your child are encouraged to go to the lost property container to have a look for it.  

Please discuss with your child the need for them to take responsibility for looking after and caring for their belongings.

You may also find your child mistakes someone else's belongings for their own - this commonly happens, especially with so many identical garments in the school. Please check the garments your child brings home and return those that don’t belong to you back to school the next day.


Treasures from Home


As toys and treasures from home are easily lost or broken and may well cause unnecessary conflict or anxiety. Please use your discretion before allowing them to come to school. Whilst every effort is taken to care for these items our school cannot accept responsibility for any damages/losses that occur. 

Electronic devices and mobile phones are not allowed in the classroom and must be handed in at the office each morning and collected after school.  Please note, a permission form is required.


Getting Involved in School Life


Involvement in schools by parents and carers helps children achieve the best possible learning outcomes.  You can participate in school life through:

  • School Council
  • Werribee Friends
  • Volunteering – We welcome volunteers in our school. Before volunteers are invited to assist they must attend a Volunteer Training session.  A training session will be held early Term 1 and repeated as necessary.  Dates will be advertised on the school website.

Relevant websites for Parents


Department of Education for Parents

Parentline Victoria