School Policies

Anaphylaxis (Updated June 2019)
Asthma (Updated June 2019)
Attendance (Updated 18/06/2019)
Bullying Prevention (Updated 21/05/2019)
Camps and Excursions (Updated 18/06/2019)
Child Safe Standards (Updated 21/05/2019)
Child Safety Reporting Obligations (Updated 21/05/2019)
Communication with School Staff (Updated 20/08/2019)
Complaints (Updated 18/06/19)
Digital Technologies (Updated 18/06/19)
Dogs & Pets (Updated 19/06/2018)
Duty of Care (Updated May 2019)
Enrolment (Department of Education Policy)
Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination (Department of Education Policy)
First Aid (Updated June 2019)
Fundraising (Updated 18/06/2019)
Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality (Department of Education Policy)
Headlice (Department of Education Policy)
Health Care Needs (Updated June 2019)
Hiring, Licensing and Shared Use of School Facilities (Department of Education Policy)
Homework Policy (Updated 20/08/2019)
Inclusion and Diversity (Updated 19/02/2019)
Medication Policy (Updated June 2019)
Parent Payment Policy (Updated 19/11/2019)
Parent Payments (Frequently Asked Questions - DET)
Personal Property (Updated June 2019)
Photographing, Filming and Recording Students (Updated June 2019)
Privacy (Department of Education Policy)
Privacy - Information for parents (Department of Education)
Restraint & Seclusion (Department of Education Policy)
Statement of Values & School Philosophy (Updated 18/06/19)
Student Wellbeing and Engagement (Updated 21/05/2019)
Suitability Checks for School Volunteers and Visitors (Department of Education Policy)
Sunsmart Policy  (Updated 20/06/2017)
Uniform and Dress Code (Updated 21/11/2017)
Visitors (Updated 18/06/2019)
Volunteers (Updated 18/06/2019)
Workplace Bullying (Department of Education Policy)
Yard Duty and Supervision (Updated May 2019)

Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

Decision making responsibilities for students (Department of Education Policy)

Languages Policy  (Updated 17/11/2015)

Mandatory Reporting (Child Protection - Reporting Obligations) (Updated 18/10/2016)

Parent Complaints (Department of Education)

Parent Complaints

Parent Helpers PolicyPrivacy Policy - Frequently asked questions for parents

Student Discipline Policy (Update 15/11/2016)

Sustainability Policy (Updated 19/09/2017)

Working with Children Check Volunteers (updated 18/10/2016)