Werribee Friends

Werribee Friends meetings have a relaxed atmosphere. Babies and toddlers are welcome.  More members are always needed, you are warmly encouraged to come to any of our meetings to learn about and see what we do.


Werribee Friends contributes to the wellbeing of the school community through:

  • Encouraging the participation of all parents in the life of the school and the education of their children.   
  • Providing opportunities for social interaction within the school where parents can get to know each other and to be informed about their child’s school.
  • Providing information for parents to extend their understanding of school issues.
  • Working in cooperation with the School Council and the Principal on projects and events that promote the school and welcome school visitors.
  • Raising funds for the benefit of the school.

If your family is new to our school, please come along and introduce yourself or if you have been at our school for several years and now find you have a couple of hours a month to spare, we would love for you to join us.  Grandparents, aunts & uncles, friends and neighbours are all welcome. We need many hands and fresh ideas to continue to make Werribee Primary School the best it can be for our students.  

Meetings are held monthly.  All meetings are held in the staffroom. Mrs Shelley Laird and Mrs Cathy Millar also attend Werribee Friends meetings, so we have a close communication connection with leadership staff at the school. 


Tuesday 22nd May 9am in the Staffroom

Tuesday 12th June 9am in the Staffroom

Thursday 26th July 9am Staffroom

Thursday 16th August 9am Staffroom

Thursday 13th September 9am Staffroom

Friday 12th October time TBC

Friday 23rd October Time TBC


Please add the 2018 meeting dates to your calendar or diary. We look forward to seeing you soon!  If you cannot attend meetings due to work or other commitments, we can add you to our email list and keep you up to date on what is happening and you can see where you can assist along the way. Werribee Friends contact details are available from the school office.  

Current Werribee Friends are:

Aimee Streeter, Nicola Saxon-Jones, Koula Scarlett, Rachael Connolly, Rose Leitch, Meredith Schellhorn, Elke Rowdon,  Rebecca Brown, Sarah Klein, Vicki Love-Jeans, Jo Richards, Rebecca Dunn, Dianne Smith, Leanne Portogallo, Despina Nassialis, Barbara Nassialis, Maryati Idris, Manisha Singh, Kelly Field, Michelle Hadden Ann Daillidis Erin Tobin, Shahanara Sonali, Purvi Pandya, Merin Chacko, Phuong Ung, Hung Ngyuen, Linda Myres, Thu Lay Paw, Mee Mee Ree Htoo, Gay Ler Moo Ko Paw, Tha Dah Kwala, Donna McSaveney, Rebecca Noetzel and Amanda Baker (School Council Representative).


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