Student Leaders

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The student leaders for 2021 are: 


School Captains

  • Ale Mc
  • Ruby S


School Vice Captains

  • Evie P
  • Tunda L


School Sports Captains

  • Ashlyn B
  • Giselle S


School Captains' and Vice Captains' Promise

As the School Captains of 2021 we promise to:

  • Demonstrate excellent leadership skills within the school, local and wider community.
  • Always demonstrate the school values wherever we are.
  • Help make the school a secure and enjoyable place for all the students and staff.
  • Continue to learn and develop our potentials as School Captains.
  • Enjoy this fantastic chance to represent Werribee Primary School as School Captains for 2021.

Sports Captains' Promise

As the Sports Captains of 2021 we promise to:

  • work responsibly and cooperatively when organising school sporting and house events.
  • involve everyone in activities so that they feel included and have fun
  • have a positive attitude and show all four school values at all times.
  • contribute to all events and set a good example to younger children
  • always consider other peoples’ thoughts and opinions
  • Apply the NED philosophy: Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best.


Junior School Council Leaders' Promise

As the Junior School Council Leaders of 2021 we promise to:

  • always demonstrate the school values in the school and the local community.
  • always consider everyone’s ideas and opinions in meetings, as well as contributing to the discussions.
  • volunteer to help the teachers and ensure we always get the jobs done.
  • lead the Junior School Council Team to the best of our ability.
  • put our personal best effort into making the school environment a better place for everyone.
  • always have a positive attitude towards our role.