Junior School Council

The Junior School Council is a student group that aims to understand the issues impacting on the students around the school, to problem solve solutions and act on them to improve the school. 

The  Junior School Council is made up of a representative from each class Years 4-6. The leaders are Year 6 students appointed as part of the school leadership program.  They work with a staff member to coordinate and conduct meetings and lead the  Junior School Council in any issues and fundraising they are working on. 

The  Junior School Council classroom reps discuss what they see as important issues in the school that affect them prior to the meetings and bring these issues to the next meeting. 

A staff member coordinates these meetings and assists the students to take action and contribute new ideas and keep the school safe and fun for all students.


2019 Student Representative Council Members:





Junior School Council Leaders' Promise

As the Junior School Council Leaders of 2019 we promise to:

  • always demonstrate the school values in the school and the local community.
  • always consider everyone’s ideas and opinions in meetings, as well as contributing to the discussions.
  • volunteer to help the teachers and ensure we always get the jobs done.
  • lead the Junior School Council Team to the best of our ability.
  • put our personal best effort into making the school environment a better place for everyone.
  • always have a positive attitude towards our role.