Welcome Back to School all students from Foundation to Year 6

Requirements from Monday 12th October 2020  

Students only are to enter the school via designated House Colour Gates.  

Staff members will be supporting families to ensure that drop off and pick up times happen in a calm and organised manner.

We ask that you are patient and supportive as we implement the changes required for the return of all year levels, during these unprecedented times.

A mandatory requirement from the Victorian Government is that parents and carers are to wear face masks whenever they leave the house, including for school drop-off and pick-up.

Based on the advice of the Acting Deputy Chief Health Officer, given the current levels of community transmission in Victoria, mandatory temperature testing of all students on arrival to schools will not be required in Term 4. 

What staff observed that worked well when students returned to school the last time:

  • Parents knowing which gate their child will enter and exit
  • Parents arriving at the designated time to pick up their child
  • Students being confident to walk through the gates on their own and to make their way to the classroom
  • Parents remaining in their cars until they see their child arriving at the gates and then standing at the front of their car to collect them
  • Parents organising their child to look out for you and to head straight to where you are standing (away from the gate and near your car)
  • Parents being conscious of social distancing and staying a safe distance away from other adults (1.5 metres social distancing)
  • Parents leaving the school promptly after collecting their child so that other parents can access a car space
  • Parents not congregating around the gates, which has made it easier for students to locate their parent

Entry and Exit Gates

The gates will be sign posted and are listed below. The school gates will open at 8:40am each day, please note that the gates are opening 10 minutes later to reduce the time spent in the school yard prior to the commencement of lessons and will close at 3:20pm.

Gate 1 (Deutgam St) All students riding bikes and scooters (Main Office gate)

Gate 2 (Deutgam St) Blue House Students (next to Year 6 Wedge Building)

Gate 4 (Pyke St) Green House Students and Camp Australia (Camp Australia prior to 8.30am & after 3.30pm)

Gate 5 (Pyke St) Red House Students (between Room 12 & Learning Gallery)

Gate 6 (Werribee St) Yellow House Students (between Rooms 6 & 7)

Entering the School

8:40 onwards – all gates will close at 9.00am (late arrivals will need to enter via Gate 1)

Students are to enter the school and head straight to their classrooms, where their classroom teacher will be waiting for them.

Exiting the School

To reduce the family traffic of everyone arriving at the same time to collect students we will be having staggered `After School Pick Up’ times. It has been organised this way so that siblings can leave together.

  • Students in F-2 will be taken to the House Gates by their teachers and Years 3-6 students will make their way to their House Gate to either exit the school or wait for their siblings.
  • We ask that these times be adhered to and that parents vacate the area as quickly as possible, so that the next group of parents can access the parking spaces.

Dismissal Times

  • 2:55pm - Green House (Gate 4) & Yellow House (Gate 6)
  • 3:05pm - Red House (Gate 5) & Blue House (Gate 2)
  • Camp Australia students to make their way to the Learning Gallery at their House dismissal time.
  • Bike and scooters riders are to exit the school via Gate 1 at their House dismissal time.

Keeping our Students and Staff Safe

Keeping everyone at school safe is our number one priority, so as a staff we will ensure that the guidelines from the Department of Education and the Victorian Government are implemented:

  • Hand Hygiene – Use of sanitisers and hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day. Also, before using play equipment and when returning to the classroom after recess and lunch play.
  • Students to bring their own water bottle from home which they will be able to fill up during the day. School drinking taps will not be available for student use.
  • Increased cleaning will occur throughout the day in high traffic areas
  • Social distancing will be maintained by staff when applicable
  • Designated outdoor play areas will be established for Year Levels
  • Any student or staff member who is unwell will be required to stay home
  • Keeping doors and windows open to allow for air ventilation
  • Limiting visitors to the school – only for essential reasons
  • Staff to wear masks when interacting with adults or whilst on yard duty

We thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Werribee Primary School Staff