Reminder:  all students are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears whenever they are outside.  Students who do not have appropriate hats will be asked to play in the shade.  Please apply sunscreen to your children in the morning. We will remind students to reapply as needed.

Friendly reminder - sun protection times have already started

Its' beginning to warm up and Victoria’s UV levels are on the rise so please check the daily local sun protection times to see when you need to be SunSmart.  

The sun protection times are a forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology for the time of day UV levels are forecast to reach 3 or higher in your location. At these levels, sun protection (hat, clothing, sunscreen, shade and, if practical, sunglasses) is recommended for all skin types.

Sun protection times are available via:

So please remember when outdoors, whether that be for the one hour of permitted exercise in metropolitan Melbourne or if you’re lucky enough to be allowed outside for longer, to check the sun protection times and use sun protection accordingly. For more information for families please check out