Werribee Primary School Oval Works

Werribee Primary School was successful in obtaining a Minor Capital Works Fund.  Funding Received for the Oval Works: $495,692.00.  We are excited that the resurfacing of our oval and running track will be commencing this month.  The following changes will start from Thursday 19th May.  

Changes due to the Oval Works:

  • Contractors will be placing high chainmesh temporary fencing around the Oval, Fitness Stations and Gaga Pit.
  • Gate 4 on Pyke Street will be closed and access to the school will be through the following gates:
    • Deutgam Street – Gates 1, 2 & 7
    • Pyke Street – Gate 5
    • Werribee Street South – Gate 6
  • Senior Playground (corner of the oval) will be closed before and after school until the works are finished.
  • Camp Australia access will be through Gate 5 on Pyke Street.
  • Play areas will be adjusted for recess and lunch whilst the Oval Works are happening. We will do this by utilising additional spaces within the school such as the front yard and gym. All play areas will be supervised by yard duty staff.
  • Foundation classes and Year 1G will still be able to line up in the same area but will need to enter the school via one of the gates listed above.

It is anticipated that the Oval Works should be finalised by mid-August.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

Werribee Primary School